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Elder Law

Elder LawWhat Services Does An Elder Law Attorney Provide?

Elder law attorneys provide services for individuals and their families as they prepare for the long-term future and their later years in life. These legal supports includes:

  • Completing an assessment of the client’s situation
  • Developing long-term plans according to the client’s needs & wants
  • Establishing who will be appointed as power of attorney if the client becomes incapable of making important financial or medical decisions

When Should You Start Proper Elder Care Planning?

The sooner you start planning for proper elder care, the less likely you are to be caught unprepared for life events. One should begin elder care planning about ten years before they believe it will be needed. Early establishment of these plans offers peace of mind & assures the person & their family that, regardless of what the future holds, they will be secure. If you’re the primary caregiver of a loved one, developing long-term plans will help you provide your loved one with the best management possible.

What Are The Main Steps In Preparing For Elderly Care?

Your elder care attorney will advise you on what to consider as you collaborate on an appropriate and all-encompassing plan. You will address matters, such as:

  • Enrolling for social security, Medicaid, veteran aid, or any other potential benefits that apply
  • Composing wills, trusts & other applicable financial documents
  • Planning long-term housing in senior living communities
  • Preventing fraudulent action or abuse
  • Management of estate – including properties, resources, possessions & other financials

What Options Do You Have If A Loved One Is Already In A Nursing Home Care Facility?

If someone has already entered a nursing home and has substantial assets, there is often little that can be done. If the person’s estate can afford the cost of the nursing home, then they may be required to pay it without any outside assistance. In this case, earlier planning could have resulted in better protection of assets.

What Happens To Your Loved One If They Run Out Of Funds In A Nursing Home?

In the event that an older person already living at a facility runs out of money, the combination of Medicaid and social security should substantiate the costs associated with the nursing home or housing. As long as the person qualifies for Medicaid & can receive housing subsidization, an assisted living facility cannot, by law, kick the resident out. This means that in most situations, the person will have a secure housing arrangement, regardless of their financial situation. Some adjustments may need to be made depending on other details. Unfortunately, that could mean the person might not have any other income for other living costs. Planning in advance can help prevent this from happening.

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