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Handling Bankruptcy Cases for Individuals and Businesses

Entrust your business’ financial future to a seasoned lawyer who is highly knowledgeable in bankruptcy law like John Flynn of Flynn Law Firm. We can guide you through the legal process of filing for bankruptcy, debt relief, and protection from creditors, to name a few.

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A Reputable Lawyer Who Personally Handles Your Case

Our lead attorney, Mr. John Flynn, directly works on our clients’ cases. He personally responds to every question they may have so that they can understand the legal action they’re taking. This approach enabled him to successfully represent individuals and small businesses in their legal cases for more than two decades.

Prepare Your Legal Documents With the Help of a Professional

Avoid encountering unforeseen problems due to using templated legal instruments by personalizing your paperwork to fit your specific needs with our assistance. With years of experience in law, Mr. John Flynn can help you file the necessary documents in court.

Expedited Bankruptcy Filing Service

We offer to get cases filed immediately for emergencies like imminent home foreclosures or vehicle repossessions. To do this, we submit a skeleton bankruptcy petition. This action will give you extra time to complete the necessary documents, which you can include in your case paperwork later on.

Payment Options

Flynn Law Firm in Cabot, Arkansas offers different payment plans to help our clients. These options enable them to receive the legal services they need without worrying about paying a large fee upfront.

Free Debt Relief Strategy Session

Our firm provides a complimentary consultation if you’re unsure about filing for bankruptcy. We’ll love to hear your story so that we can understand your situation before providing an appropriate recommendation on a debt relief strategy.

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