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Client Testimonials

“We were treated well. It was a difficult time and Mr. Flynn did a good job making us feel like we could get through it. He was the right choice for us. I would definitely recommend Mr. Flynn if anyone else was going through a bankruptcy.”– Ginger M.
“Respectful and thorough. He treated us very well and handled our case with respect and yes it was a good decision.”– Carolyn F.
“Mr Flynn and staff were great. I was kept up to date and getting information to him was so easy. He treated me with the utmost respect and didn’t make me feel embarrassed about my case. It was great to work with him and I definitely would recommend him to anyone!! 10 stars!!. Was excellent and I would definitely recommend!!!”– Tena S.
“He is great”– Trinette M.
“It was John’s respect, care and attentiveness that made me comfortable with my decision. I am thankful beyond belief for Flynn Law Firm where care and compassion meet you in some of life’s toughest moments.”– Amber O.
“Was very helpful and informative on all options. Very experienced and will work with you in all instances.”– Kelley C.
“Great”– Corey J.
“Excellent”– Michael W.
“John is a great attorney, we used his services for a bankruptcy case. He was easy to talk to, knew the laws and an overall great attorney. I would recommend his services and I would definitely hire him again if the need arises. An overall calming and easy experience under the circumstances.”– James & Carolyn
“When I contacted Mr. Flynn my previous attorney had retired in the middle of my case and it was rather lengthy and Mr. Flynn was able to get my case settled in a timely manner. Mr. Flynn and his staff kept me updated on my case and was always there to answer my questions and treated me with the utmost respect. I would highly recommend Mr. Flynn. He and his staff is very knowledgeable in area that I needed help in.”– Diana W.
“Very good” – Margaret H.
“Satisfied” – Margie V.
“John was very professional in explaining what I wanted to know. Really wasn’t kept up to date on case I had to call and ask but I would use John again for whatever I might need in the field of law and would recommend him if I was asked to by someone. He definitely was a good decision for me and again would recommend John!!!. Would say I recommend him to anyone!!”– Terry T
“I felt I made a very good decision hiring John Flynn to help me. His law firm is the best, and his right hand gal, Pam is a super help as well. You won’t be sorry. Flynn Law Firm is there for you all the way through your difficulty, giving you great support to work through a very hard situation, and represents you with the highest, quality professionalism!”– Caryl H.
Excellent – I was treated excellent, kept updated regularly, all questions answered & felt very comfortable going through the process. Mr. Flynn is a respectful layer & I recommend him to anyone.” – Jacqueline P.
“I feel like I did make a good decision having Attorney John Flynn work my case. I was treated with respect, kept up to date on what was going on with my case. He is a great man to have to handle whatever situation you maybe in. I would highly recommend this attorney; my family has had a good experience.”– Chris J.
“Very good experience”Lindon B.

Don’t even bother looking for anyone else, I did and wasted my time. Mr. Flynn is amazing! – Where do I begin…I came to John with vicious and unwarranted lawsuits and judgements thrown at me and my business, along with the possibility of bankruptcy. John impressed me very much with his great knowledge and vast experience in many aspects of law. He is very informative with counsel while allowing me to make the decisions that I feel are right for me. Best of all, he is not a typical lawyer spouting legal jargon and remaining aloof with a client. He is friendly, listens to my concerns and translates all of the legal terms into everday language that helps me make the right decisions. Most assuredly, I am grateful he is on my side and not on the other guy’s side.”– Amanda

“John Flynn has handled my businesses legal matters for more than twenty years. He is one of the most thorough and thoughtful attorneys I’ve ever dealt with on either side of my cases. He’s never lost one of my cases.”– James

Great Firm – Mr. Flynn and Pam have been amazing. Together they are a great team and has helped us so much. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.”– Katherine

Excellent – Mr. Flynn helped me with my chapter 7. He and his assistant were absolutely the nicest and caring duo I have encountered in their profession. They actually listen and explain in detail if its needed. He was beyond fair on his price. All around great people if you their help.”– Rose

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. – Mr. Flynn had my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing fees waived and charged me less than his regular fee because of my very low income. He is a very kind and experienced Attorney. I was blessed to have found him and recommend him highly. A friend of mine consulted two other Attorneys for her Bankruptcy and they wanted to charge her double, and triple, what I paid, and she did not have any income. She paid twice what Mr. Flynn charged me.”– Doug

“John Flynn is currently my attorney . He has been all that I could hope for.I highly recommend him.He will be there for you whenever you need him,with all the correct answers and assistance.”– A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Flynn was always available by phone or email. He is very knowledgeble about all aspects of bankruptcy. He answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable about my decision to file for bankruptcy.”– A Satisfied Client

“I have used Mr Flynn twice. He is very professional. He responds in such a timely manner. His charges are well within range if not better. His staff is friendly and very informative. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I will look no further than Mr John Flynn. I highly recommend him.”– Sandy M.

“Great bankruptcy attorney! Explains everything so you can understand and very professional. I’m thankful for the fresh start.”– Anon E.

“I have have used John for many years. He is very knowledgeable about law and will make sure you are taking care of. He is a great guy to work with.”– Stephen R.

“Informative and good communication”– generaljames06

“Incredibly knowledgeable about bankruptcy law. Just as importantly, Mr. Flynn really cares about his clients and the welfare of their families. If you think your situation is hopeless Flynn Law Firm will find a way to help you.”– JF S.

“If you want a passionate, caring, Attorney, who is a Master at what he does even if you don’t have a lot of money. Don’t go anywhere else. They will cheat you.”– Master The Dream

“Great friendly office wonderful people that are really understanding.”– Savanna L.

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